Rotary Alumni


District 6330 has a proud history of helping qualified individuals realize educational dreams. From 1950 when the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship program was first instituted by District 6330 until 2012 when it was replaced by Global Grant Scholarships and District Scholarships, some eighty-four individuals who lived, worked or attended school in district 6330 went on to complete undergraduate degrees or one year post graduate study outside of Canada and the United States using Rotary scholarships.

A Rotary scholar in 1964 would receive $500, a meager amount by today’s standards but substantial when one considered that university tuition was in the hundreds of dollars rather than thousands of dollars as is true today. Later on candidates were funded for as much as $27 000 USD for one year of study in masters programs at such prestigious universities as Oxford, UK or the Hebrew University of Jerusalem all paid for by the district through contributions of D6330 Rotarians to the annual programs fund, returned to the district through DDF funds.

When Global Grants were instituted, the funding increased to $30 000 USD, half paid by the district and half paid from the world fund at RI. District Scholarships are funded entirely by the district.

The following are testimonials from Rotary Scholarship recipients and Group Study Exchange (GSE) participants. 
  • Colin Easton - member of the D6330 GSE to South Korea 2012-13
  • Natalie Pruett - member of the D6330 GSE to South Korea 2012-13
  • Kyle McCree - member of the D6330 GSE to South Korea 2012-13
  • Erynne Gilpin - studied "Human Rights and Education" at the University of Central America, San Salvador, El Salvador on a Rotary Scholarship
  • Grant Rumley - Master's Degree in Middle East Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Here are blogs from GSE teams: