Rotary Alumni

Image 2013-14 District Scholar SEAN TOAL,
Second Lieutenant, US Army Fort Rucker, Alabama, USA

E-mail: 2013-14

District Scholar SEAN TOAL returned to the Unite States, following the completion of a M.Sc in Latin American Studies at the University of Oxford, UK.

Sean will spend the next 6 years as an officer in the US Army. He is currently posted to Fort Rucker, Alabama, where he is learning to fly helicopters. This training will take 12-18 months.

Sean firmly believes, “…that my experience as a Rotary scholar and my career in the Army will give me the knowledge and opportunity to make the world a more peaceful place."

Sean hopes to meet D6330 Rotarians at the May 2015 District Conference in London. Being a Rotarian is in his future plans.

Image2012-13 Ambassadorial Scholar GRANT RUMLEY, Washington, DC, USA

2012-13 Ambassadorial Scholar GRANT RUMLEY returned to the United States following completion of his MA in Middle East Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in July 2014. He is currently a research analyst at a non-partisan think tank in Washington, DC, the ‘Foundation for Defense of Democracies’, where he writes about the peace process, US foreign policy and general Middle East issues. According to Grant, “It’s directly related to what I studied during my Ambassadorial scholarship year and… frankly only been possible because of Rotary. It’s a dream scenario and I’m incredibly grateful.”

Although not presently a Rotarian, Grant has attended a number of Rotary meetings in DC and plans to join Rotary as soon as financially possible.

Grant is happy to meet with D6330 Rotarians via SKYPE.

Image2012-13 Ambassadorial Scholar ERYNNE GILPIN Victoria, BC, Canada

2012-13 Ambassadorial Scholar ERYNNE GILPIN returned to Canada in 2013, following a year as a listening and independent vocational student, in the Graduate Studies program, ‘Human Rights & Education’, University of Central America, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Erynne is currently preparing to begin her Doctoral Studies in January 2015, when she will study ‘Indigenous Governance’ with a specific focus on the role of Peace Education within Indigenous communities.

As a woman of mixed Saulteaux-Cree Metis, Filipina and Irish ancestry, Erynne believes that education cannot be divorced from human rights. A relationship begun with Rotary 8 years ago, when she “…had the privilege to participate in a Rotary Youth Exchange in Brazil”, highlights a shared theme. “Rotary promotes values founded on respect, reciprocity and relationship. As Erynne stated, “There can be no peace without relationship and Rotary makes this possible.”

Erynne is happy to meet with D6330 Rotarians via SKYPE.

Image2010-11 Ambassadorial Scholar ASHLEY EKELUND,
Kamloops, BC, Canada


2010-11 Ambassadorial Scholar ASHLEY EKELUND returned to Canada following completion of her MA in International Development: Poverty, Conflict and Reconstruction at the University of Manchester, UK in the fall of 2011.

Ashley is happy to meet with D6330 Rotarians via SKYPE.

Ashley is currently the Trip Coordinator for a BC based charity that supports international development work in 12 different countries around the world. The charity supports and furthers community infrastructure projects such as schools, clinics, women’s centres and water and irrigation projects by sending funds and volunteers to communitybased organizations in countries such as Peru, Guatemala, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Kenya, Philippines, Cambodia and Nepal.

Ashley communicates directly with host organizations and works with participants from beginning to end to ensure that they have a beneficial and life-changing international service experience.

Although Ashley is not yet a registered Rotarian, she is a member of D5060 Youth Exchange Committee. For the past 3 years she has worked actively with the youth exchange program to support and train outbound students and prepare them for their year abroad. She also volunteers with numerous Rotary events. As well, the charity she works for is very Rotary connected.

According to Ashley, “Rotary is still a part of my life and definitely part of my future. I am simply waiting for the appropriate time to formally join a local club.”