Polio Headlines 16 June, 2021

After two years of no detected Type-1 new polio infections in Nigeria, the World Health Organization declared the country wild polio virus free, making it the last country in Africa to achieve that milestone. Our Rotary members with our hands-on service, their charitable donations, and their ability to engage donors and goverments throughout the world, have succeeded! We are truly within reach of completing the challenge our Rotary family laid down for us in 1988. We are now down to one small area in the world, the boarder area between Afghanistan and Pakistan where our vaccination efforts are being halted by religious and political differences which are beyond the control of Rotary.
The challenge remains and accordingly, the need for support remains. If this virus lives anywhere, it can be spread. People travel and they can carry more baggage than they packed in their suitcases. Millions of children must continue to be immunized to avoid future breakouts. We also continue to deal with some 300 new cases year to date from new cases spread through the use of the oral vaccine itself. A good discussion on this topic can be found at the Viorology Blog.
We are within a few meters of the finish line , let's keep it up. We are truly "this close."