The Corona Virus has impacted so many parts of our traditional Rotary experience, and now our planned Rotary East Coast Kitchen Party (RECKP).  We are not confident that by May 29th, the world will return to its old normal and people will be comfortable to be out having fun with 450 of their friends.  We are fortunate that the Hellenic Community Center has offered us a new date, Friday Sept 25th and  Shane Cook and the Woodchippers are available that same evening!!!!    So we are not cancelling, just postponing! 
That is some Murphy Irish luck for ya!
 We know that many of our clubs look forward to the profit realized with this event.  I ask that you discuss with your club that if you have patrons who are supporters, you let them know the event is postponed but that many of your club's commitments need to be fulfilled.  If they wish, you would graciously accept a donation for your club which of course you can provide a tax receipt if you have a foundation (and if not, another club can assist with the receipts) to make it more desirable.  Our guests know the amazing work we undertake to make a difference and we think it is worth asking them to donate.
 We have new software to do the registration and ticket sales.  As we see the end of the social isolation and reduction in risk with the virus, I will ask you all to reconvene for a planning session.  That likely won't be until May.  
 Thanks so much for your enthusiasm for this FUNdraiser.  We are hopeful that our guests who will be feeling "cabin fever" will embrace this event to make it the best yet!
Kathleen Murphy