The District Grant Timeline
Eligible projects will start and end during the same Rotary year (July through June)
Here's a timeline to ensure that your club's project can be allocated appropriate District Grant funding. 
January 1 to May 31: Submit a Grant Request (Proposal, 400 characters max.) for the next Rotary Year, 
  • Complete the full Application with supporting documents.
  • Contact the District Grants Chair for review.
  • (If you cannot complete the full application by May 31, submit a Grant Request Proposal (400 characters max.) for the
    next Rotary Year, including an estimate of the total project cost in USD.) 
July 1 to July 31Wait for acceptance of proposed project by District and TRF. Do not start project the project.
Prior to December 15: Complete the full Application with supporting documents. Contact District Grants Chair for review
After submitting the full application wait for Approval of Application by District. Do not start project until approved.  If you have not received a request for additional information or approval within one week of submitting the full application please contact the District Grant Chair
Prior to  May 1Complete project
Within 8 weeks of completing the project and prior to May 15Submit satisfactory Individual Project Report  including the Financial Section with supporting documents.
After Individual Project Report has been accepted: Club Receives the grant Funding.
May 31 to June 30. District submits report and returns unused grant funds to TRF.