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New Generations Service Exchange

The NGSE is a exchange program operated by Rotary International to provide 18 to 30 (but more likely over 21) year olds the opportunity to learn about their career/vocation in another country.  There is no cost to host an inbound or sponsor an outbound.    As a host, the club provides a hosting family, has the participant engage in club projects and may be asked to help identify potential vocational placements that could be contacted.
The role of the business is to provide the young person the opportunity to learn about their vocation here in Canada.  This can include shadowing someone in their role, completing tasks that are related to the vocation (i.e. a law student might review a client file or take notes in a deposition, an engineer might take measurements) that the host feels the participant is capable of.  The host business may also provide reading materials, have the participant sit in on meetings or give other opportunities linked toe career goals.   
The young person pays for their own travel as well as liability insurance.  They have spending money and take care of their personal expenses. As they are adults,  they are allowed to drive if they have an international license and insurance. They are also allowed to drink alcohol or smoke, if it is consistent with the host expectations (i.e. if the host says no smoking in the home, there is no smoking)As they are adults, they   may go out to drink provided they follow host expectations (i.e. do not come home drunk).    Although marijuana is now legal, it is strongly recommended that the participants do not partake.  In addition, the student has been reviewed by their sponsoring club so it is known that there are no behavioural  or legal issues. 
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