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Fort McMurray Fire Relief Fund Established
Rotary District 5370 has created a Relief Fund to help those affected.
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Meet The Agents of Polio Eradication

A band of heroes fights polio every day. Meet these Agents of Polio Eradication in our animated video, and read how our team of Rotary staffers came up with the idea for a comic-book approach to telling the story of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

Watch the video 
Get the story behind the video’s creation

(from Rotary Weekly - May 13, 2016)


(from the May 2016 issue of "The Bridge" - District 6330's monthly newsletter - read the full issue here)
District Governor Nancy’s Message - May 2016
It has been said that “April showers bring May flowers”.

While this past month of April has also brought snow as well as rain showers - we know that the month of May will bring some spring flowers for all of us to enjoy!

Plus an opportunity to celebrate our Mothers on Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day!

And Welcome to Youth Services month! Rotary District 6330 has a long history of supporting youth programs in our District and around the world. As we look around our District we see Rotarians in our clubs involved and engaged with Youth.

In our Clubs we can find them: sponsoring students in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program; involved with an Interact or Rotaract Club; sponsoring a Rotary Speech Contest; supporting students to attend Rotary Youth Leadership Program such as seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders & Adventures in Citizenship; sponsoring a Scholarship Program; or simply inviting their younger family members to join the club in a service or fellowship event.  Our clubs are engaged in numerous projects devoted to mentoring young people and encouraging and fostering the ideals of Rotary service with this younger audience.
(from Rotary Weekly - April 29, 2016)
Crisis at the doorstep

More than a million refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan streamed into the European Union last year. The sheer number of refugees has spurred a backlash in Austria against the Union’s largely open-door policy. But Rotary members in a small Austrian town have been looking at the refugees as people, not problems. Learn more about what they have been doing to help.


(from Rotary Membership Minute- April 2016)
Membership Leads video
A how-to membership leads video

A new video, available online, helps district and club leaders make the most of the recently enhanced Membership Leads resource. It shows how to track a prospective member from the initial membership leads submission all the way to connection with a local club. It also outlines the role of club and district leaders in the redesigned process, highlighting how their participation will help strengthen membership, and features the new Rotary resources available to support them. Join the conversation in the Membership Best Practices discussion group to tell us how you’re using the new Membership Leads resource to grow and diversify membership.

In order to improve Membership Minute and our Membership Best Practices discussion group, we’ve developed a survey to learn what you think and what topics you’re interested in. The survey should take less than three minutes, and your responses are completely confidential. We appreciate your participation. 
Membership Minute and Membership Best Practices discussion group survey 



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