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Welcome to District 6330
Our district is an international district in the USA and Canada. Situated in east central Michigan and west central Ontario - with clubs located in rural areas and in larger cities such as Flint, MI and London, ON.
Whether you live here, or are a visitor to our area - whether a member of Rotary, or just interested in learning more about this organization and what we do - you will be welcomed at any of our meetings or events.
We work together to make a difference in the lives of people in our communities - both locally and internationally - by exchanging ideas and taking action.
Feel free to contact me if you have questions, or simply would like to know more about Rotary in District 6330.
District Governor:  Martin Ward email: martin.a.ward@gmail.com
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What does our Rotaract future hold?

Rotaract turns 50 years this year! But how did we get here? Since the first Rotaract club was formed in 1968 Rotaract has grown to over 10,000 clubs worldwide. What have we accomplished along the way? And more importantly, how do we ensure 50 more years of service, leadership, and global impact?

Tune in live to explore these topics and more with our expert panel in honor of Rotaract’s 50th anniversary. 
When: Wednesday, 6 December at 2:05pm CST. 
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November is Rotary Foundation Month

During visits to District clubs this year I’ve frequently quoted Rotary International President Ian Riseley when he announced his theme for the year;
“The theme this year is Rotary: Making a Difference – because, after all, that is what we do – every day - in ways large and small, we make a difference in the lives of people throughout the world.”
The Rotary Foundation helps us do just that. In large part, we can “make a difference” because of our Foundation – because our Foundation helps Rotary clubs transform our gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world.
Our Foundation, concentrates our projects in at least one of the 6 areas of focus;
Promoting Peace, Providing Clean Water, Saving Mothers and Children,
Supporting Education, Growing Local Economies, and Fighting Disease.
Funding for Our Foundation comes directly from us - individual Rotarians like you and me.
Please join me in supporting The Rotary Foundation - our foundation - and help our clubs make a difference.
If you would like to learn more about the Foundation;
(from Rotary Weekly - October 27, 2017)

The power of a garden

Rotary members in Harvard, Illinois, USA, have teamed up with community groups to help alleviate hunger and bring the community together. As many as 250 needy families benefit from the 10,000 pounds of vegetables that are grown in a community garden and donated every year to the local food pantry. With only seven members, the club has had an impact far beyond its size, amplifying its efforts by partnering with others.


We are down to the polio endgame with an extremely small number of new cases being detected. Follow this story for weekly updates on polio progress.
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