Environment Day - Earth Balls

Earth Balls / Seed Bombs


What are Earth Balls?

Earth Balls, also known as seed bombs, are seeds rolled into a liquified paper mash. Historically, Egyptians used Earth Balls to repair their farms after a flood; today, earth balls are commonly used to promote reforestation.

Why make Earth Balls?

The activity is quick and easy and can occur in any venue (e.g. indoors, outdoors, virtually, or in-person). Fill the Earth Balls with seeds such as native wildflowers or herbs to increase local vegetation, helping our pollinators. The project is also accessible to people of all ages and most abilities.

Earth Ball mechanics  

  • Cost: ~$0.40 per participant, if each participant makes five balls
  • Duration: 45 min to make 24 Earth Balls 
  • Cannot plant until the risk of frost is gone (if you aren't able to plant them right away, keep them in a paper bag in a dry place until they are ready to be planted)
  • This is a great activity for daycares, schools, retirement, or elderly homes!
  • Materials
    • Recycled nonglossy paper, such as newspaper
    • Food processor/blender
    • Strainer/colander
    • Seeds (choose plants that are native to the area)
    • Moulds (e.g. muffin tins, empty containers, ice cube trays, or just mould with your hands)
    • Water (enough to cover the ripped paper in step 2)
    • Old rags (to drain excess water from the paper and water mixture)
    • Bowls (1 large bowl to soak all the paper in and smaller bowls for participants to drain the mash mixture (1 per participant))
  • Process:
    1. Put some water in the bowl.
    2. Rip paper into small pieces. 
    3. Let the paper soak in the water for 10 min. 
    4. Blend the paper in a food processor or a blender.
    5. Drain excess water from the paper.
    6. Mix seeds into the drained paper mixture (~15 seeds/ball)
    7. Press paper mixture into a mould (or roll into a ball in your hands).
    8. Let the ball dry in a warm, dry place.
    9. Wait until the threat of frost is gone; dig a small hole and plant the earth ball in the ground!
  • You can also create packages of earth balls to give away or sell in your community!

Additional resources

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