Environment Day - Sustainability Fair

Sustainability Fair


Why hold a Sustainability Fair?

A sustainability fair allows communities to get involved and support local environmental and sustainable businesses and organizations and learn about environmental causes and sustainability.

Who to invite to a Sustainability Fair 

A sustainability fair will have different booths that represent nature, the environment, and sustainability. This can include:

  • Local environmental organizations provide awareness on local, regional, national, or international ecological or environmental issues (e.g. local recycling programs, composting (both in-home and by the municipality), rain gardens, pollinator gardens, deforestation, gardening groups, horticultural societies, etc.)
  • Local businesses that sell eco-friendly products, such as honey, used clothing or items (i.e. second-hand stores), plants, and sustainable products
  • Local food vendors, preferably ones who only use sustainable packaging
  • E-waste drop-off (e.g. batteries, headphones, and other electronics)
  • Activity/Craft table for children (see Nature Activities for Kids)

Sustainability Fair mechanics

  • Preparation Time: 10-20 hours - Planning for a sustainability fair will need to start well ahead of the scheduled date. It will require local businesses, farmers, and/or organizations to be contacted in advance to gauge interest in participating. On the day of, the booths will need to be assembled and dissembled at the end of the day and the site will need to be cleaned.
  • Duration: 4-6 hours
  • Cost: $100-$1000, depending on sponsorships, admission fees, etc.
    • Rental fee for venue
    • Refreshments (try to bring vendor(s) in for this, or, if that's not possible, do it yourself as a fundraiser)
    • Rental fee for tables/booths
  • Volunteers: 10-20, depending on the size of the event
  • Intensity/Effort: Low-medium (setting up tables, cleaning the site after the event)
  • Location: a park or community centre would be ideal
  • Materials:
    • Tables/booths
    • Tents (depending on weather)

Ryerson Sustainability at the EUSSA Sustainability Fair - Facilities  Management and Development - Ryerson UniversityScripps Sustainability Fair showcases Earth Week efforts | The Student LifeSustainability Fair kicks off at Newnham Campus - Seneca - Toronto, Canada